Experts in CapTel Captioned Telephone Sales, Service and Support.

 CapTel Experts

Our experts help you get the most out of your CapTel Captioned Telephone experience. Whether for a large group settings or working with individuals one-on-one, we bring captioning to you!

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 Free Installation

Our knowledgeable team provides free on-site installation or over-the-phone assistance, helping CapTel users become comfortable and confident to enjoy talking on the phone again.

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Work that truly makes a difference in people’s life takes a special kind of individual. If you’re ready to make an impact, consider joining our expanding team of talented professionals.

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OEI brings CapTel Captioned Telephone technology to people who cannot hear over the phone. This life-changing free service helps people reconnect over the phone, providing security, independence and confidence to those with hearing loss.

Whether for large group presentations, small group training, or working one-on-one with individuals, OEI brings captioning to you.